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By the time we worked out what was wrong with FRAPS and the new builds, recorded the footage, and edited it together... you'd be able to play it on your own computer. ;)

It's a nice trailer.  :yes:

Shiku objected that there is simple dogfighting and not particulary anything very characteristic of the mod, but at my opinion, I liked that after "But they arenť the only enemies" there was a fight against terran ships. Someone who hasnt known the mod can be sorta surprised and thats what I liked a lot.

About the missing GTD - Do you mean the Hades? It was displayed during the last few moments, no ?

The original Silent Threat mission 3 had an Orion named "GTD".

Will the GTD *Blank* have a proper name?
Like for instance the GTD Orestes...But no ship exists with that name in the GTA's Database.
You know that old gimmick


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