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I'm supposed to be lying low after that last snafu, but I found something that's too tempting not to send out.  It's a personnel log made last week by Andreas Rybak himself, and I caught it just before it was about to be archived.  I forced a timestamp reset, so even though it's still sitting in the unarchived section, with any luck it won't actually be archived for another week.

Access the holonet by hand and navigate to the logs -> personnel -> unarchived location.  The file is in the standard format.  The file's timestamp should be exactly one hour before the timestamp of this transmission.

Yeesh.  I guess that weird date thing may not have been a red herring after all.  How would the HLP forum process a message date from several centuries in the future?

Unless someone's been holding out another username and password from us, this looks like it depends on information we haven't figured out yet, since Isaac's login still generates the defunct audio-only prompt.  (Speaking of which, this Rybak guy was mentioned in the second audio message, the one presumably about the Sekhmet.)  That half-translated Vasudan message has to be the key; it mentioned something about Goober5000 and Sectorgame, so maybe if we can figure out what it's trying to say, we'll get another login and finally be able to access the Holonet properly.

You sure it's not:



--- Quote from: Mongoose on December 07, 2008, 11:07:04 pm --- That half-translated Vasudan message has to be the key

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