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[error: database corrupted; message no longer available]

... What? "Messages" in Rybak's acccount is still inaccessible, Deneb III still contains nothing but the readme.

Let the speculation begin...

EDIT - the first message number I saw was #58547, now it's #1181422. I wrote this here before, but either I pressed the wrong button or it's been removed by someone (likely, since the "new posts" picture showed up next to this thread, while there was only mine) ... In which case the first number could have been a mistake by "Announcements"... Or maybe not...

EDIT2 - Hey, board 179 is gone now. Could someone check Deneb III? I've been locked out again.

Hmmm, strange. The "Estimated" synchronization offest" counts down. Still about 78 or 79 days left. I wonder what's going on. I have a feeling that the 179 board isn't gone without a reason - seems that the Grand Prize is getting near :)

I wonder what tag he used to get that countdown to work.

Woah, weird...

Could 1181442 refer to a particular post somewhere?  And if so, where would we start to look for it?  There's no thread with the tag 58547 on the boards, at least not that we're able to access.  The text of the post makes me think that whatever temporal anomaly allowed Aadarsh's posts to find their way to us has managed to de-sync itself, at least until that counter runs out.

You gotta love which particular account posted this, though. :D

(Out of random curiosity, I wonder if we could convince Goober to nix the IP blocks on the Holonet.  I accidentally locked myself out again after grabbing the readme, but I'd like to be able to poke around the general info again.)


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