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After discussion with Galemp, I am considering making the 162 forum public.

The reason is that we want the general forum populace to understand the significance of Phoenix while the "mystery of 162" is still somewhat fresh in their minds.  After all, the trailer was released back at the beginning of October.  If we wait until the Big RevealTM of the Grand PrizeTM it will be yet another few months, and interest may unceremoniously die off.

So the proposal is to make the 162 forum public now.  Let the general public play along with the last thread if they want to.  However, in order to keep things fair for the people who have been playing Phoenix this entire time, we will release the Grand Prize via PM to all the members who were able to discover Phoenix when it was still private.  (I've run a database query to determine all the members who have posted in this forum up until now.)

We will release the Grand Prize to the public one month after we release it to you via PM.  This fits with our original plan where Phoenix was supposed to conclude on December 1, followed by the ST:R release on December 25.

Opinions, thoughts, protests?

Well, I wanted to scream a big fat "NO" first time I've read the thread's topic, but since you will be doing us justice with the grand prize, then yeah, go ahead. Have to keep the public's interest going.

Exactly. Public Relations is everything for a mod.

* FSF makes sure to post in here

Personally, unless you are thinking of adding some additional twists to the puzzle, this game has kind of outlived its usefulness anyway.  So, the primary goal ought to be, "How do we maximize exposure on this thing?"

I'm assuming that you are in fact planning to release Phoenix on 4/1/09.  If so, you might want to wait until mid-February so as to not give the excitement too much time to die down before you make the public release.

's your baby, though.  I expect if you do make it public, there will probably be an "ARGH!!!GOOBERRRRR!" thread before the day is out.

Sounds good to me.  It really was a hell of a lot of fun, but I don't think there's any real point in keeping everything secret anymore now that we've seemingly gone through the whole game.  This was your and Galemp's puppy from the start, so whenever and however you guys decide to make it public is fine by me.  And if we get to play around with whatever big secret you're still holding behind your backs a month before the general populace, so much the better. :)


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