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UVW mapping short tutorial

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That makes sense... I guess one of my major gripes with unfold is how it handles the results.  I like having my uv polys go either horizontal or vertical.  Makes texturing easier and less prone to aliasing.

Also a helpful hint, use a checkboard texture to start off with or even this one:

<original size is 2048*2048>

I saw limdaepl first use something like this and I loved it.  I so decided to make a copy of it.  Makes sorting things out 100% easier.

Thanks for checkboard It works nice  :D

btw how do you get unfold... walk to closest to actually produce a useable result? All I ever get is something that looks like it went through a food processor.

First. I assign modifier "UVW Mapping" and choose option "XYZ to UVW". Then I assign "unwrap UVW" select faces which I want to unfold and select option "unfold mapping" and press "ok". Thats all but It is usefull only for not very complicated shapes like cylinders, boxes and few other If You would like to unfold whole ship You must do it in few steps. I suggest You try it with cylinder or any other shape like this in my tutorial.. As You see I don't use unfold in all section.. one time I use normal mapping cause unfold won't work in this situation. If You still can't do this I will try to record short video  :)

Ah I see now, hmmm this could be useful in a few cases.


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