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Firstly, I'd like to thank Starlord for "keeping the faith" and floating me an email about all of this.  :yes:

And now, down to business...

A couple of years ago FS2H pretty much died. While there are a myriad of reasons for this, it is sufficient to say that the creator was hit with a lot of personal tragedy, and the mod was no longer a priority. In recent months I conveyed interest in reviving it, and with (some of) Devrous' passwords and old back-up discs I found the bulk of the mod still intact.

I've always loved Freespace, and I played the hell outta FS2. Likewise, I was one of many many MANY Halo fanatics. It seems only natural to pursue the potential of the Halo universe in regards to space combat. Also, there is a lot of "wiggle room" in the Halo storyline for lots and lots of space adventures, battles, and heroic acts. I hope you all join me in agreeing that this mod deserves another chance.

I believe Devrous had a good idea, but simply not enough time to bring it to completion. What I'd like to do is make this mod as open as possible. This will save time and allow for more diverse expertise. As it stands now, the mod only needs the following to be ready to go:

1. Updated models/textures. As of now, most of the models are still low-medium poly. This won't be a problem if we compensate with good textures. I'd like for anyone good with textures and willing to lend their talent to join us.

2. Missions. There are a smattering of half-done, trail, and/or tester missions done, and a storyline has already been written. If anyone out there is good at mission logic and wants to help just say so. I'd like several, if not many, people to create missions for this mod over it's life.

3. Interface. The main menu is complete, but the rest are the same-old FS2 menus. Anyone who's done interface work...we could use you.

Most of the sounds and music are done, and Devrous did a pretty good job in balancing the weapons and ships from what I can tell.

Also, in the end we'll need a place to park this mod. Anyone who knows how to compress it down so it isn't a gig PLEASE let me know how to do that. And if anyone would be willing to host it or know of a good place to go grab some space for a fair price let me know.

Lastly, I'd need an Admin to revive whatever is left of the original forum (if anything) or at least speak with me about where we should go from here.

Anyone who's interested in helping with this mod write a reply or send me a message. And if anyone has any opinions or questions feel free to post those too. I hope there is still some interest out there for this to come back to life.


Some examples of this mod:

Some Covenant Screenshots


More Movies within a h.b.o. post:

I'm up for it but I don't know how to do anything, haha except maybe testing stuff.


--- Quote from: Causality on May 31, 2009, 08:21:37 pm ---Lastly, I'd need an Admin to revive whatever is left of the original forum (if anything) or at least speak with me about where we should go from here.
--- End quote ---

I've notified the other admins about your desire to revive this.

I'd like to help out with missions as a FREDder and such if you'd be interested.


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