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RELEASE: Uncharted Territory

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Colonol Dekker:
Mirror with a direct link please for us mobile users on limited browsers :D
I'm looking forward to this also. There's a lot of new talent springing up out of the woodwork. Blaise, Ransom and Axem, your days are numbered

Played it.. liked it! I loved the (brief) visiting of undiscovered space, even if only setting one foot in there before running away again with the stories' vessel. Without spoiling too much, I slightly hoped we'd end up in more unexplored areas. And that means your mod worked, your storytelling captivated me enough for me to want to see more before getting back home to the area of starting level. ;)

I did find a few spelling errors here and there. Perhaps an update with the help of a second person could solve that. :) I'd offer to find them all if I were a native speaker.

Since you wanted to know the following:
Spoiler:My ending involved getting the Atlas, the Reuil AND the Gabriel home safely.

Colonol Dekker:
Welcome back to HLP. Did you try clicking on your old profile name to get the old e-mail address or asking a Mod for some options re: login info?
On topic, spoiler tags please :)

Thanks for the praise everyone :p

Just tested out the continue-even-if-failed problem. It's in every mission  :(. I thought you automatically had to restart if you failed a primary objective. I will fix the campaign file and re-upload.

--- Quote from: Rodo on January 05, 2010, 04:22:06 pm ---Nice fredding skills ReenoiP, Spoiler:besides the fact that I completely loose the Reuil in the mission "Division" and I could progress in the campaign (check the campaign file) and some weird story maters, it's a good and fun mini-campaign, hope to see some of these beauties in the future ^^

--- End quote ---

What do you mean? Just type the full link?

Colonol Dekker:
Assuming a mis-quote.
I don't need the full link/path. Rather could some kind soul chuck it up on freespacemods and link it?
Opera mini hates mediafire :nervous:


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