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RELEASE: Uncharted Territory

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Ahhh nice now be released...
This will be soon Tested again  ;) :) :yes:

And ReeNoiP many thanks for singn in my Guestbook

Greetings Peter

This campaign ought to be getting a bit more attention.
Where are the players?

Black Wolf:
Highlighted. Hopefully that'll kick up interest a bit. Also grabbed myself a copy for my own perusal - looking forward to a bit of free time to have a play through.

goooood Idea....
its really a very enjoyable campaign.

Nice fredding skills ReenoiP, Spoiler:besides the fact that I completely loose the Reuil in the mission "Division" and I could progress in the campaign (check the campaign file) and some weird story maters, it's a good and fun mini-campaign, hope to see some of these beauties in the future ^^


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