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One of the things I know I'll need to do is upgrade to the newer FreeSpace Open version. However, I was wondering if anyone knew of any issues with doing so. FS2H was built on 3.6.9 and worked fine, but I'm worried about issues with going to the newer one. Would I be able to revert back if there were problems? Also, I've always ran it in Direct3D, not OpenGL. Now that I've got a much better comp then I did in the olden days I could probably run either, but OpenGL always made the explosions, shields and primaries show the whole black square of the image file when it showed up. Even the smoke was blocky and black.

Any advice would be most appreciated  :D

3.6.9 is a defunt build and I highly recommend using the new 3.6.13 nightlies as they have increased performance and more features. OpenGL is all that is supported now, and no, it does not do that to effects normally, it was probably an issue with your old computer.

Also I'd like to welcome you back. :)

Many thanks, both for the swift reply and the welcome.

Just installed it and it certainly takes care of all my previous issues with missile trails and other sources of lag. However, the old OpenGL issue I had is still showing all the image; it isn't making the rest invisible as it should. The explosions block out the background and primary weapon images are flying block pictures  :shaking:

Sounds like I need to convert the pcx and other image files into a different format. The old builds required 256 color, 16-bit images if I remember correctly. Has this been fixed/superseded?

Herra Tohtori:
I think every in-game graphical asset should now work as 24-bit/32-bit DDS...

Finally cleaned house a bit and removed all duplicate images in the effects folder. A few TGA and PCX files left but all I need to do is convert them to DDS and buy some space. So far the problem persists; running in OpenGL I still see the outline and fill of the original image. I'm guessing that straight Black is not the transparent color even though Direct3D recognized it as such. Odd. Do I need to replace the Black fill with the transparent Green used in places such as sun overlays (i.e. Sathanas' in final FS2 mission) and interface files?

Will continue tinkering.


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