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RELEASE: FT BV Euryphaessa [MODEL]

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Happy New Year!

The UED Solaris model used for the Euryphaessa looks great, but it's rather iconic as a Blue Planet ship, so I was pestered by Destiny and Andrew to have it replaced...
I never intended this thing that started as a civilian heavy cargo hauler to be it's replacement (or that the model would even be finished), but time passes and things change I guess.

p3d model has some z-fighting and lighting issues which aren't present in the actual model - probably something messed up with the upload (along with losing edgesplit).

Model: Droid803 and AndrewofDoom
UV Map and Textures: AndrewofDoom


* This release is intended for mod developers interested in using these models.
* This release is not intended as a drop-in-replacement. Dropping the models and textures into the DE folder will not do anything, so it's fairly foolproof in that regard unless you try to get smart and edit the tbls and paste the included table entry in. Which will work, but don't expect support if you do this.
* Sample table file is included for reference. The included table works as a replacement for the existing more or less (tested mission 00016.fs2 "Steel Rain" does not break, but balance is obviously affected), despite the fact that the ship's armament and turret layout has been significantly revised. Use at your own risk.
Download: (6.01 MB)

You may seriously include something like this in tech description. I mean, a whole class may be heavily refitted hauler class adapted for military purposes. Also it's another DE ship that reminds me the Ishimura.

...anyway, I like it :yes:!

EDIT: Ok, already present. Nvm than.

Phantom Hoover:
I've never been able to play Dimensional Eclipse because of technical bull**** but from what I've seen of it you have a great eye for picking and making models, and this is no exception.

That looks good. Any chance of a version that has a ginormous railgun in pace of the turreted thermal lance? :) That huge, striped tunnel running through the front half of the ship just begs for something like that.

As a spinal mount? Hmmm...that might work.


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