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[RELEASE] - Friends and Foes: Retribution

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Definitly going to play this :P. Congratulations!

Ok! About halfway through the campaign and it's really starting to hit its stride.

A few random thoughts whilst playing so far:

It's such a simple thing but having the same fiction and briefing music. I didn't know that having the same music meant it would keep going when exiting the fiction viewer! Makes the progression seem much more natural and flows so much better.
The characters and ships are really starting to grow on me after a few missions.

Spoiler:Treasure Hunt II is fiendishly difficult. Those Scimitar-X fighters with the missile pods are a handful, and I can never take down enough of them quickly enough to save Sid from the Gef cruiser. I had to cheat my way through that mission. Also noticed the music bug in that mission.

I really, really enjoyed the set piece in Sunrise.

Those small gef fighters (ShivanHunter's Electron) were fun little things to dogfight. Coincidentally, I was planning to use the Electron as a converted mining scouter/now space superiority fighter in the next release of the modpack. It seems we both had similar ideas!

I noticed the comms anim for ?Nails having a GTVA cap. Not too big a deal, I put it down to him acquiring it from someone.

Final thoughts after I finish the campaign.  :yes:

Hello and thank you all for your kind replies :) I'm very happy that you like it.

I'm using the anti-spoiler method to give you the answers as well, don't want anyone to read more than he should ;)

I'm very busy right now due to exams, but one day I'll find time to bring up an updated version of the campaign because of your thoughts, I promise.

@ Asteroth:

Spoiler:Thanks, I forgot to set the "no arrival music" flag on some ships.

Yes, checkpoints might be useful. But since I'm quiet new to all of this, I didn't want to mess around with these scripts. I might look into this one day, some missions could really benefit from checkpoints.

The problem in Two-thirty-eight is that the transport has to hit the Florida. When I just use more hitpoints, there a chance that it might blow up before that. I used guardian as a compromise. I don't know any other way, maybe more hitpoints and a lower guardian percentage...

I'm not happy with the music bug, too. Maybe I take out the music for the two command briefings completely.

In some missions, I might change some of the "OC Wing" to "OC Fighter" and "OC Bomber", I think this will help.

To put the Ancamnas more in front is a way in the second last mission, maybe I give the player another directive to distract him from the beam turrets. But you have a point here.

Anyway, thanks for the thoughts!
@ Darius:

Spoiler: The main weapons of the Ancamnas is the fusion mortar at the bottom. It can deliver a huge amount of damage. If you take it out soon, the Vespira/Sid should be able to survive longer. Strange that you found it so hard, I never experienced this. What difficulty are you playing at? You can also give orders to your comrades, order one to disarm the Ancamna. But keep an eye on the Salamanca as well, a few fighters have orders to attack her directly.

Thanks for the flowers about the set piece  :lol: :yes:

Yeah the Electorns are hard to hit in a dog fight, I gave them a little bit of higher verlocity to make it harder. They take some time to be destroyed. I hope I didn't use them too often because at a certain point they were going on my nerves :P

LOL I didn't recognize the GTVA cap :) But let's just say he aquired it somewhere, he's a strange guy, you know ;)

So thanks for playing and I hope you had fun!


congrats to this campaign  :yes:

Unfortunately, I cannot go further when asked to destroy "that" transport. It is stuck at 15%. Using Ubuntu 14.04 64bit ans wxlauncher. Doesn't work with both 3.7.4 and 3.7.5.


Am I the only one with troubles here? I'm getting error msgs from mission 2 on that it can't find ship classes. I checked this and in mission 3 there is a UEFg Purusha. In bpcomplete, however, there is ony a Purusha (without the UEFg prefix).



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