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Got it, sorry. Installing BP 1.0.1 additionally from the BP complete entry in Knossos does the trick.

Well... as i even mentioned myself in the Knossos description as uploader and do not watch all threads here all the time, especially at the middle of the year because of personal corona tragedy, someone had could simple message me nevertheless and so to inform me, that my knossos release did not worked at all?
Where was the problem in that? :confused:
Without any information via PM, Tweet or whatever, it is hard to know in general, that something is wrong next to the fact that was already mentioned in the description in terms of Model and Effect errors under Debug Builds. :rolleyes:.

But Version 1.1.3 fixed all of this now. So there should not be any error message with current MVP and BPC.
So every faulty F&F aswell BPC Models were fixed and corrected.

Hate to necro, but is there any chance this could get an update to be compatible with the latest MVPs and BPC release?

Well, if i am able to get back to the FreeSpace stuff after i overcome all the job and personal issues i can look for it.
However, this may take until March, though.


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