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We are looking for someone with an eye for screenshots who can take pictures to be used as mission loading screens.  We have about half of the required images, so we just need to get the remaining set before we release Scroll Act I.  Hopefully this will be just about one month away.

If you are interested, please post examples of screenshots you've taken.  Some examples can be seen here.  For those looking for campaign news, these also double as Mystery Pics. :)


Out of curiosity, do you plan to use an HTL arachnas in scroll?

I do remember the old arachnas in one of the site screenshots and at some point moonred modeled an HTL for the inferno alliance mini campaigns I think.

Ah, yes.  We are now using the HTL Arachnas.

I'm up for working on this, but I've PM'ed you about that as I'm not sure if it's my first priority.

Are there special requirements for screenshots?
If i read about "The Scroll of Atankharzim" i think primarily about screenshots that should contain vasudan ships or technologies.


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