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Dead image, dead p3d link... And outdated download. Beautiful.

If you want to get the ship, newer version with updated maps is available in Scroll modpack. 

---------- OLD POST -----------
PBR-textured science ship. Actually very hard nut to crack thanks to 12k hitpoints, 2 AAAf beams and 2 flaks. I armed it like first science vessel for military purposes. Original model by Moonred, I only did my magic to finish it and bring it to daylight. I have no idea who worked on this before me. Anyone who contributed anyhow with this model is requested to report in here, so I can credit you all.
After... Four years? Five? I have no idea :P. Model is finally finished.

Colonol Dekker:
Obligatory P3D request.

Screams BP.

Black Wolf:
Oh, wow, the colour on that makes it look so much better than in the last screenshot you posted, looks fantastic.

Well done fixing a model that I know for a fact was awful to work on. It was an unwillingness on my part to go through the hours and hours of work fixing Moonred's painful geometry that led me to make the Whiteside. Congrats!

Yeah, back side of the Whiteside was always somehow familiar :P.

I fixed lots of geometry errors myself too, so It's hard to imagine how this model looked like before we did our job. The only thing I dislike in it's finall apparition is lack of advanced PBR mapping [height, metallic and roughtness]. When I compare renders from IRay or at least quick import to Unity, it's loosing it's metallic surface and overall bumpyness.

--- Quote from: Colonol Dekker on September 11, 2017, 12:47:42 am ---Screams BP.
--- End quote ---
I can make UEF variant. It's shape resembles Karuna and Narayana at some point. I haven't noticed that before.

p3d link added.

I did a bit of model work on this too. Mostly cleaning up stuff, prettying up other parts like the middle (afaik I didn't quite finish there so the geo was still weird) and adding a few details here or there (antennaes on the front, escape pod hatches, the bridge, etc).

EDIT: Oh yeah, texture looks pretty good. Only real nictpick is the horizontal extrusion in the nose I added was meant to be for like some sort of scanning mechanism like in that one FS2 CBANI where the Faustus 'scans' the Knossos but here it just looks like more windows but frankly it's not a big deal, just a nit pick.


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