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Timoke. No, delete last Fokker Triplane. No

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You damn-- okay.  All right.  Whew.  Jackpot!  Rybak's password is "fortune favors the bold"!  Log in, download everything you possibly can, and tell everyone you know.  Tell the press, tell your friends, tell the ham radio operators, tell anyone you can so they can't cover it up.  It's the only way we can OSHI-!↓♠bÄ<╥º↕☺╥⌡}R;ôAIf#ó/▌éx►M9y▀¼√┌x┌┤X@║¼Θf♣╙Ö#á╦ö╦▲,"S4%┴►mgw┴▼>f╨₧☺í╒»¡>\@═¡ΦV¥H8Fn*╚(LE¢ë▀»8`Å=≤CδSm█L·^û╡3Æ¢■î2♥2≡EF5├v≤¬/↑Ñ‼╕g2:↨◄%╤E⌡oU╓*Y8êC╜>∟╤v(d*§É₧i╒¶╢╥╢ö╚uâFº3s<╖wæe≥▄[UuálP>VXñ4┌╪<gè'sNO CARRIER

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Well, that's helpful. Guess I should try to log in as Rybak?

Converting that junk text to hex/dec/etc isn't very helpful here... hm.

Those vague memories of a startling Flash message are coming back loud and clear. :D

(I don't suppose an IP reset would matter anymore?)

Heh, I remember crashing horribly last time, that puzzle was mean. But I forgot the inlog codes and the like :P

Login: Andreas.rybak
Password; fortune favors the bold

Remember the vasudan letter, it's important. If you see honeypot.php, get the hell out.


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