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Going into this campaign completely blind

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I will give my thoughts so far.

Missions 1 -2: Boring. Nothing particularly interesting other than the new Shu fighter.

Mission 3: Mostly boring, but with an interesting plot development at the end.

Missions 4 - 5: Very interesting, fun as well. Plot is looking great now.

Mission 6: Frustrating. Having to replay it over and over to get the right outcome was not fun. Plot and atmosphere are still great, though.

Will update as I continue through it.

Mission 7: Short but fun. Expected to find something more interesting in the cargo containers than explosive materials, though.

Mission 8: Frantic, fun, great mission. A bit confused about the unscannable TC-TRI containers but that might be important to the plot later maybe? Wondering if it's possible to save the cruiser (forget the name).

Going for the ISF branch now.

Also I will mention that I really enjoy the new CBAnims.

Mission 9 (ISF branch): I will be honest here, I am not a fan of stealth missions. And having more than one in quick succession even less. But this one wasn't all that bad, since the stealth part was only half of it.

Mission 10 (ISF branch): Better than the last one. Fun combat of the type I like. I don't believe I ever saw the idea of destroying a capship's fighter bays to prevent it from launching strikecraft used in any other campaign, which is odd as it is a good idea.

One thing I will comment on is the voices - I know the player character is supposed to be a Vasudan, but hearing weird gibberish 'translated' into English from the Terrans is just kind of odd. Also, the 'you fight like a Vasudan' message still plays, even though you're supposed to be one. I suppose it could mean something along the lines of 'good, you're fighting like you're supposed to', but it still seems out of place.

Also I don't know if this is just a problem on my PC, but one thing I have noticed in all of the missions so far is that the backgrounds have details/nebulae cut off by very sharp lines that meet at sharp angles which doesn't look natural at all. It doesn't really bother me, though.

General Battuta:
A lot of fighter bay subsystems are indestructible, which makes them hard to use for objectives.

Mission 11 (ISF Branch): Fun mission, a bit intense but the atmosphere is great and I love the station. Just wish it was a bit longer.

Mission 12 (ISF Branch): Have I mentioned I don't like stealth missions? Because I don't. Also the background thing I mentioned before was especially pronounced during this one. But the mission overall wasn't too bad, especially compared to the next one...

Mission 13 (ISF Branch): Pardon my French, but **** THIS MISSION! By far the most frustrating and impossible one so far. Not only is it a stealth mission which is annoying as hell but there is seemingly no way to avoid the fighter patrols at all and scan enough stuff in time. I tried half a dozen times and failed. Usually, in that kind of situation, I decide to use cheats to kill all of the detectors (ships/objects that reveal you if you get too close to them) but apparently doing that here breaks the mission somehow so it doesn't end. That's right, even with cheats I couldn't beat this mission!  :banghead: At one point I actually managed to evade all of the patrols until the AWACS arrived, lured Arjuna wing back to it and killed them, but then I was ordered to depart immediately and I hadn't had time to scan the nav and comm systems of the two destroyers so I still failed the mission. I only eventually beat it by a long process of trial and error, figuring out how to use cheats to make it easier without breaking the mission. A thoroughly unpleasant experience that I never want to suffer through again. I sincerely hope there aren't any more missions like this in the campaign.


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