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Hey guys. After several years, me and Nyctaeus proudly present new carrier addition to the vast fanmade ship arsenal, the Hera. In all BR glory:

Download link:

GTCa Hera

Initially designed as carrier-compliment to the Colossus, the Hera fleetcarrier was never completed in time and entered active service in 2369. The newest addon to terran GTVA fleets, Hera is the first carrier-type vessel designed by terran engineers since the Unification War. Equivalent of vasudan Amaunet, Hera is mammoth of a ship. About a half of her 3km-long interior is occupied by hangarbays and cargo space. Housing two times more fighter and bomber wings then Hecate, the Hera was designed to put emphasis on the strongest advantage GTVA has against the shivans - strikecraft. Both terran and vasudan fleetcarriers were designed to be beating heart of every major fleet of the Alliance. Hera is equipped in advanced command and control facilities, AWACS devices, modern subspace scanners and paired jumpdrives powered by next-gen Nankam XG-3127h reactor. Internal superstructure is covered by collapsed-core molybdenium armor first mounted on Deimos-class corvettes.
As a dedicated fleetcarrier class, Hera offers almost no firepower by herself. Six corvette-grade slash beams are mostly designed to provide Hera with anykind of self-defense against enemy capital ships. Although the carrier can overload them to provide power output close to modern destroyers, Hera was designed around fighterbay capacity in mind. The fleetcarrier is capable of providing additional fire support for multiple operations at once, with countless fighters and bombers housed inside her cavernous hangarbays. She is also the only warship capable of maintaining Jotun-class superbombers, rendering her the only asset of GTVA fleet capable of effectively engaging shivan Sathanas juggernauts alone. Strong armor is enough to keep her vulnerable, internal structure safe from main cannons of enemy warships and thick point-defense screens of multiple flak cannons, AAA beams and laser turrets renders the Hera very easy to escort. Due to enormous strategic and logistic value, those impressive warships rarely enters direct combat. GTVA deploy heavy escort of multiple warships to keep their Hera-class carriers alive and safe. Only two fleetcarriers were ever constructed - prototype GTCa Hera, flagship of 2nd Fleet and GTCa Magnus assigned to reborn 6th Fleet headquartered in Polaris. Three more units are expected to be complete by 2400.

Package comes with two variants.

Classic FS2 Deimos-like:

TEI- style gray-blue:

Model: me
UV mapping: Nyctaeus
Textures: Nyctaeus and me (but mostly Nyct  :D)
Inspiration: Aesaar's fleetpack

Of course, if you come across any bugs/glitches, please report them in this thread. Have fun and may she serve you well.

Neat, I'm always a sucker for space carriers, and I am quite fond of Aesaar's fleet style, so thank you very much for this new years-ish gift :)

Wikified. Also this should be in "Asset releases" :P.

Yep, I'd like to make q request to move the thread to Asset release board.

Colonol Dekker:
Deimos style ftw.

Hoping for a gopnik style down the road too...


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