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So as some of you may be aware, I've been doing a lot of work recently on creating / cleaning ship pages on the wiki. In order to make my job easier, I've made for myself a bunch of little tools using the development suite we use at my job. As the weeks went, I had table parsing, partial pof parsing and automatic wiki page generation.

At that point I started to realize that stuff could become useful outside of wiki maintenance. I've reworked and cleaned a lot of my code and dropped it in a basic functional GUI, and the result now looks like this :

This basically works as a big table filled with data parsed from ships.tbl, ship pof files, weapons.tbl and corresponding -tbms. The table is sortable, filterable, columns can be moved around and hidden/shown and the entire thing can be exported to Excel format.

Parsed data and column order / visibility preferences are saved, so you don't have to set up the entire thing again when you restart the program.

There's a number of features I want to add to this baby in the future, but this is now in a workable-enough state for a public release, so here goes.

Download latest version here (v1.0.44)

The program will make you download the required framework DLLs at first start. There's not really anything else to set up, select your root mod folder (where your \data\ folder lives) and let it roll. Hope you can find it useful!

Thanks a lot to wookieejedi from FOTG for his help testing and the ideas he's given me for future features. Watch this space, new stuff will be coming soon (tm).

--- Code: ---Changelog:
v1.0.44 (2020/06/28)
- Translated to English the framework download prompt at first start.

v1.0.43 (2020/06/28)
- Fixed a divide-by-0 error when opening graphs with at least one ship without afterburner selected.

v1.0.41 (2020/06/28):
- Added Aburn Recharge Time column to ship table.
- Added Ship graphs (currently designed for fighter/bombers only). Values are normalized between all ships selected (actually normalized between 0.1 and 0.99 for technical reasons).
The less-intuitive formulas are as follow:
  - Speed is AVG(Max Velocity Z, Max Oclk Speed)
  - Afterburner is weighted average of aburn speed and regular speed : ((Max Velocity Z * Aburn Recharge Time) + (Max ABurn Z * Max Aburn Time)) / (Aburn Recharge Time + Max Aburn Time)
  - Turn is AVG(yaw, pich, roll) rotation rates (and not rotation times)
  - Primary DPS is Total Firepoints * Linked Bank Multiplier (1.0 for 1 bank, 0.66 for 2, 0.5 for 3)
  - Low Target Profile is 1/AVG(Width, Height, Length). Value is inverted because all the other values on the graph are higher = better.

v1.0.40 (2020/06/27):
- Added $Species property which somehow fell through the cracks
- Fixed $SBank Capacity parsing (tried to parse $SBanks Capacity instead)
- Added weapon columns:
  - Hull DPS
  - Shield DPS
  - Subsystem DPS
  - Wep Range
- Added ships columns:
  - Default Primary Hull DPS
  - Default Primary Shield DPS
  - Default Primary Subsystem DPS
  - Default Secondary Full load Hull Dmg
  - Default Secondary Full load Shield Dmg
  - Default Secondary Full load Subsystem Dmg
  - Aburn Max Duration
  - Subsystems (excl turrets)
  - Turret Hull DPS
  - Turret Shield DPS
  - Turret Subsystem DPS

v1.0.39 (2020/06/26):
- Fixed width / height entries for ships (were overwritten by length)

v1.0.38 (2020/06/26):
- Public release

--- End code ---

--- Code: ---Known issues:
- Beam data is currently not parsed
- Shockwave damage is not taken into account for DPS calculations
- Parsing a second mod folder that contains the pofs for already parsed ship tables will not parse the corresponding pofs.
- Secondary capacity on graph is not getting normalized properly

--- End code ---

Great to see a public release! I've been using this tool in early access and it is incredibly helpful and saves a significant amount of time doing comparisons and balancing. The fast updating from the files and ability to selection rows, filters, and export makes this a very high recommendation for any modder.

Version 1.0.40 is up. Couple fixes, added a bunch of hopefully useful columns to the tables. See changelog in first post.

Be advised that beam data, as well as other properties that may affect dps (burst flag or $Shots come to mind) and shockwave damage, are not yet taken into account for DPS calculation.

Added performance graphs, currently designed with fighters / bombers in mind. See changelog for details.

Why do the Pegasus and Ulysses have opposite target profile ratings?  :wtf:


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