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Awesome, DLing new version!


--- Quote from: DefCynodont119 on June 28, 2020, 12:51:07 pm ---Why do the Pegasus and Ulysses have opposite target profile ratings?  :wtf:

--- End quote ---
Pegasus has indeed a fair bit larger bounding box than the uly (19*5*19 m vs 16*4*11 m). Remember that since I use bounding box values and don't have access to the actual shape of the craft without crunching the pof's BSP tree, those figures are just ballpark.

This is very cool, if I haven't already mentioned it to you on discord.

Something that I would love from a tool like this is a way to output a final table for a ship or weapon. When making a variant of a ship or weapon that's touched many times in a modstack assembling a table for the starting point can be a real hassle.

Any chance this is still being worked on? I ask because I tried to run it against my mod and it didn't parse at least half the ships in ships.tbl and just left them completely out of the list.


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