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Help with installing a mod via Knossos 0.14.3


Hi Everyone - I hope I posted this in the right place.  I recently rediscovered FS2 via GOG and installed Knossos.  I played through the campaigns (with the mediaVPs) and also ST:R without any issue.  While searching around, I found there was an old Pyro-GX mod ( ) that I wanted to install just to mess around with.  But I cannot seem to figure out how to do this with Knossos.  I'm hoping there is something simple I am missing...can anyone help?

You will have to create the Knossos set-up for it yourself, if you want it to launch via Knossos.
(the following uses the .zip downloaded from FSMods)

For that you can go to the tab "Develop" in Knossos. There you will find a blue button labelled "Create".

That will open a new window where you are asked to take care for some formalities, such giving a new and an ID to the mod.
At this stage there is entry field for "Mod.ini path" where you can make the Knossos take over some of the procedure of setting up dependencies, but because you are using a single asset mod, I would advise to skip it - for the sake of learning how the setup proceedure concludes. (Also looking at the mod.ini in the .zip, it only has an old MediaVPs dependency)
The version number can be left unchanged. Type "Mod" is appropriate and Parent Mod "Retail FS2" should suffice for now too.
Finish by pressing "Create".

Now the page on the right side will be availible to you, but the set-up proccedure is not finished.
You will see a menu underneath the representation as it will appear in the "Explore"-screen, with the pages "Launch FSO" and "Modify Mod".
"Launch FSO" should not have any options at this point because the proccedure is not complete yet, so you need to go "Modify Mod". In "Modify Mod" you will a button "+ Package". Press it and enter a name and folder name, and then press "Add".

There should now be a second row of tabs in the window. There you can now further edit the new Package, most importantly 1) setting the Package Status to "required" and 2) "Add a dependency".
To fully utilize FSO, you need to add "FSO" as a dependency and pick a version.
To utilize the MediaVPs, you need to add "Freespace Upgrade MediaVPs" as a dependecy and pick a version, as well as picking which packages are required loading in the window that pops up.

Once that is done press both the small and big green "Save"-buttons to ensure it all this is saved.

After that you can use the link underneath the "Launch FSO"/"Modify Mod" menu to skip straight to your mods folder in your Knossos installation.
There you will find the folder named for the package created above, into which you can then copy the "data"-folder from the .zip mentioned above. (Note that both the mod.ini and settings.ini are no longer required this way)

When the copy process is finished the mod should be ready for launch.

Thanks a lot for your quick reply and help...Everything worked perfectly!


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