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Thanks, it worked!

Someone might want to give the main FS2 campaign a once-over. The loadout for "Endgame" includes both Kaysers and Trebuchets.  :p

That appears to be regular ol' retail data, so nothing we can do about that if that's an issue. It doesn't seem to be an MVPs thing, if that's what you mean.

MediaVPs however has its own set of mission files, so that the nebulae and shivan weapons are properly used. So in theory they could include bug fixes with the MediaVPs.

But well, no idea if things like bugfixes are actually intended here because of the holy grail of retail experience.

Iain Baker:
Damage decals if those are possible now.

Better weapon impact effects. Especially for cap ship blob turrets - they look like they are hardly scratching the paint when capships are trading blows with them.

Any chance of making the engine plumes turn off when a ship is stationary?

Different colours / particle effects for the different beam weapons (see for more details.


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