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JMS announces Babylon 5 reboot on CW

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And from JMS himself -

As I said elsewhere.

--- Quote ---Here's the big question no one seems to be asking.

"Does he already know how it will end?"

What I'm hoping for is a completely different story as different as Battlestar Galactica was from the original but with the whole series known from beginning to end so that "The Plan" doesn't feel tacked on at the end like it did in BSG, Lost, DS9 or any of the other shows that followed B5 but didn't think ahead the way B5 did.

If the ending has already been planned, and given that this is JMS, he probably has as it was the greatest strength of B5, I'm 100% onboard.

EDIT: My only other wish - Use new character names! It gets tedious having to write "Sheridan in the Original B5" all the time!
--- End quote ---

Colonol Dekker:

I can imagine that JMS will try to rewrite everything as if the actor and studio changes did not happen, but I still don't like it, because he has shown with Crusade, that he didn't understand that the success of B5 was not only due to his writing, but also due to the fantastic CGI ships and music. I hope he understands now otherwise the reboot will be screwed!

Trivial Psychic:
That description sounds a bit like a cross between the "In the Beginning" crossed with the original B5 Pilot movie.

Whats also good, is that he has been saying on Twitter that the studio has given him the budget to do it properly as CW are B5 fanboys. I am on board with this. I just hope that they don't radically change the ship designs. The Sharlin, Omega and the G'Quan are all iconic ship designs.


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