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Booms Too Big


Trivial Psychic:
I've been playing through some of the TBP campaigns and I've found that the blast force of ships dying is a bit too strong.  It makes trying to take out capital ships a perilous thing since if you're in range to kill it, you're gonna take damage.  Can we dampen that a bit?

Were they always this big or is this a new thing?

This has been an issue since forever - but I came to see it as encouragement not to mix capitals and fighters too much.

But while I was feature-creeping last I did take a look at capital ship explosions (and debirs) because of all the "new" values to change - cutting down the shockwave number to 1 and shortening the inner radius of explosions seemed an avenue worth investigating (especially if you upgrade the AI to make actual strafing runs rather than FS2 vanilla dive bomber attacks)


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