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Working on new B5 models and mini mod.

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So not sure if people on here are aware, but i started a mini project over here basically i am having a go at doing my own mini B5 mod. I have 3 ships in game and fully working, the EA Hyperion, Midwinter and Nova. I am currently working on the EA Orion class station, with a few artistic liberties.

I am starting small, just doing a few EA ships and stations, so it should be easier as i can do EA Civil war, or raider missions. Which i think is achievable.

When it comes to doing a B5 mod do any of the team here have any advice at all?

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Trivial Psychic:
From the looks of it, your Nova is missing a couple of gun emplacements on either side of the head.  Here's an image for reference:

Click to see better resolution.

Haha it does actually have them, this shot was taken just after it got hit on the front by shivan beams that took out the front turrets. For the ships I used the existing TBP ships to get turret placement.

I have since gone back and added destroyed turret sub models for the the main guns

Why bother creating a second Babylon 5 mod instead of helping to fix the already existing one? This makes no sense!

I'm doing this because i want to do a project myself from the ground up, the TBP is more than welcome to use my models, i have no issue with that.  The biggest issue for the stuff i have made is simply  it would probably break existing campaigns due to the models having different subsystem locations etc and the models being slightly different sizes. as for some reason despite having the unit measurements setup correctly in max, they always load up in PCS much smaller and i have to scale them in that, which doesn't always get the size of the original model.

Also this my own on personal project i want to do, Why can't there be 2? there are 2 Star wars projects, there have been 2 Battlestar Galactic mods. Most games like sins of a solar empire for example have multiple Star trek, Star wars, Warhammer 40K mods.

I mean no disrespect but this is something i want to do and be able to say i made that by the end. Also as i said i am more than happy if Trivial Psychic, Vidmaster or any of the TBP team want to use these ships etc i am more than happy for that.  Again im not making this compete or anything like with the TBP as i love the mod. This is just a small passion project i would like to do. Its like building a model railway.


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