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FS2 Cockpit, Thrust, and Glide Mod

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Iain Baker:
Fantastic news, thank you.

Re the Uly’s cockpit: It definitely looked better than before. Which got me thinking, if the ships textures have been AI upscaled, does this mean the world model looks better too? If so, it might be worth releasing that as an asset too 👍

I had not that about actually applying the upscaling to the pof files visible in the world. I assumed someone already handled official model updates. My focus was mainly just the cockpits on that effort but if it’s something that’s really needed I can do that in the process of making all the cockpits. It would be a simple step to add. I can post some before and after pictures later and if it’s something worth pursuing I could tack it on the back end of my modding todos.

Iain Baker:
That’s a good idea. I was thinking of doing the AI upscalling thing myself once I figure out how. I was mainly thinking of the older ship models that haven’t been updated in a while, such as the Uly, Lucifer, Argo etc as a stop-gap until true high-polly PBR versions get made. May I ask what AI software you used, how you did it etc.? PS - I have been using the file you shard before as a base for the reunion upgrade. Combining six-degrees of freedom movement with Fury AI creates some spectacular results - the shivans are almost  moving like they do in Bem C (only without the overclocked shields that make a basilisk as hard to kill as a seraphim and a seraphim about as resilient as a fenris   :lol:

Iain Baker:
Hi there, just a nudge. How are you getting on with this? The flight mechanics section in particular?

I fly back home next week, my tour got extended by almost two months so I'll finally be able to get back to this and wrap up the flight mechanics mod and make it a growing document that you can add to for all of your mods.


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