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FS2 Cockpit, Thrust, and Glide Mod

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Iain Baker:
Welcome back dude. I wondered why you went dark, now we know 👍 how was it?

FYI there have been some developments since we last spoke. I have been busy creating similar flight mechanics ship tables, (I’ll send them over) and Herkie is about to create one that combines the ships from FS1, FS2 and Reunion for me.

There is also a guy called Serial Mascot who is creating something similar with fully rendered cockpits and GXYZ flight mechanics.

Iain Baker:
Hi dude, any updates on this? I have been trying to replicate this to create versions for the other campaigns - Exile, Reunion, FSPort, ST:R etc etc.

I have had mixed results - probably because I don't really know what I'm doing. Do you think you could give me a hand, since you seem to know what you are doing better than I?

Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

All the best,


Sorry about the super late reply. My work is off grid or out at sea so I haven't been available. I have been working on the models on my down time though.

I am going one ship at a time and am creating custom cockpit interiors and updating exterior textures with upscaling and touch ups. Since texture painting takes forever I'm just using colors to make my texture maps to get through all the modeling. Once I get through all of the modeling for the terran fighters I'll release a v0 mod and I'll slowly update it as I complete the bombers and vasudans. I as well am going in and updating the ship tables to allow for thrust in all directions and gliding. Once I complete the ships I'll go back and make the custom texture maps for the interiors.

Should have the fighters done in a month or so. For now here is a video of where I am at.

As for the ship table to add thrust in all directions and glide if it helps I'll attach a document here that has every ship adjusted for FS2.

To use it just go to knossos>FS2 and create a folder (Call it whatever you like). In my case the file path is like so D:\Games\SteamLibrary\steamapps\common\Freespace 2\Knossos\FS2
Inside that folder create another folder titled data.
Inside of data create another folder titled tables
Inside of tables copy and paste the document attached in there.

To use it in FSOs FS2 open up knossos and click the details tab of the mod in this case Freespace upgrade media VPs
click on options
then click on FSO settings
then in custom flags box go all the way to the end and add -mod Enter name of folder you made with table here (in my case -mod ThrustMod)
Then in game you need to bind the newly added controls

To do this with other mods you will need to follow a similar process for the ships contained within that mod


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