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The Aftermath Reboot Update

The Blue Guardian Update

I am already 63 years old and age has finally caught up with me. I can no longer have have the tenacity to maintain my memory nor my logical skills for modding.

To the best of my present abilities, I am going to fix my mods, AFR and TBG, anticipating every issue that will  arise with newer FSO builds and fix the grammar mistakes the best that I can (without the help of a proof reader).

I know that both of my mods are not really favorites in HLP and they are heavily criticized and ridiculed by the community but I did the best I could to give you, players, the sense of fun that a game  should meant to have. Nevertheless, I have no issue with that --- each man's classic is another man's chestnut. I just really want to give you all that I can.

Now, these updates for AFR and TBG will be my last update. It will be available in a month or less time than that. I just hope that Knossos will apply these updates as well.

In 3 months time, my MediaFire account that has all the mod files for download will be taken down (because it's a free account) . So my mods will no longer be available for download after that.

I have a strong feeling that no one cares for The Aftermath Reboot and it's sequel, The Blue Guardian. So... the last update will also be my last modding endeavor.

However, I will still do the best that I can do the last update. After that, the fate of both my mods will be in the hands of HLP.

It's been a privilege. All the best, HLP.

Colonol Dekker:
Awww, dude  I like your stuff.  Better to put out a personal passionate project that's not widely received than something you feel nothing for.


--- Quote from: Colonol Dekker on July 14, 2022, 08:34:05 am ---Awww, dude  I like your stuff.  Better to put out a personal passionate project that's not widely received than something you feel nothing for.

--- End quote ---

I know Dekker. It's not just the mods. The songs I composed and sang are not actually worth it. But I did the best to make people happy.

By the way, Blue Planet Complete is my favorite game, my ultimate inspiration.

Now, come to think of it, AFR and TBG did not break the canon lore about the Shivans in BPC or any other mods. In my story story-telling, I did not touch about their metaphysical motives or their technology. In truth, in the AFR universe, the Shivans are still enigmatic, a species that dominates more than half of the galaxy.

... Oh please do appreciate the story of TBG, it's CT27's work. He is much better in story telling than I am.

EDIT: I wished that I have met CT27 when I was doing AFR back in 2012...

AFR is old... the Reboot was released in 2016.

Despite any impression I may have given, I have really enjoyed your work, Herkie. I'm happy that you were able to poor your heart and soul into something creative to share with the rest of the world before your retirement.

Please take these words that I have said time and again to heart: Despite a product's warts or shortcomings in particular aspects, always, ALWAYS a passion project will shine through and reach me on a deep level. I can tell that you put your soul into this, and that completely overrides any and all criticisms I have for it. I can tell when another human being put their passion into something and it is thus delivered not as a corporate-inspired product to be commercially successful and to be consumed by the masses. It is being hand-delivered from them to me, to Dekker, to CT27, to every member of HLP that plays it.

I have gone back and enjoyed Aftermath off-stream a number of times since I played it on stream, because of moments of pure joy it brought me in spite of and because of silly story tropes or ridiculous balance decisions. It's just so unapologetically confident in itself that it's charming to me and I love it for all of its flaws. Please don't ever let anyone's words discourage you from believing that you made something great that will forever be a part of the FreeSpace legacy.

Thank you Herkie for everything you've done.


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