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--- Quote from: Iain Baker on July 14, 2022, 03:02:10 pm ---If you need help proofreading let me know, I have done it for loads of campaigns now and I can usually get it done quickly  :yes:

--- End quote ---

I'd like that, Iain. But AFR is huge, it has more than 60,000 words in the techroom intel and descriptions alone. Add the same number (or more) with the command briefings, mission briefings, debriefings and all.

You can help me with some of it, however. Say, 3 Acts? The campaign has 10... I know "Acts" should only be 3 or 4. My obvious mistake. The "Acts" in AFR are basically chapters.

If you do proofread it. Send them via PM.


--- Quote from: Nyctaeus on July 14, 2022, 04:25:54 pm ---Sometimes mods provide me fun with deep story, sometimes with cool assets, sometimes with gags... And sometimes with just lots of dakka and a healthy dose of both intentional and unintentional absurd :].

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Thanks, Nycs. I still don't forget that you were one of the people who gave helpful tips and advice in making AFR. And I did thanked you officially in the credits cutscene (but you were using a different name then).

Well, I want players to have good fun in space simulation shooter games like I had with PSOne's Colony Wars Series, Darklight Conflict, G-Police, Xenocracy, and Startrek Invasion. Sadly, that genre has died. If only commercial game developers will pay attention to HLP. This community has a lot to offer.


--- Quote from: CT27 on July 14, 2022, 07:35:06 pm ---Thanks Herkie for letting me work with you on AFR and TBG.

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As always, CT, it's an honor and privilege in working with you these many years.

Honestly Herkie, as much as I have seethed and vehement dislike for AF2, you made some phenomenal campaigns with crazy amounts of missions at a crazier rate. The flaws turn into its own charms; they are unabashedly fun. The goofiness, the quirkiness, Aftermath resonates with me on a level no Freespace campaign has.

I can't speak for anyone but myself, but Aftermath is a classic, a campaign I can unashamedly and unironically point towards for anyone wanting Freespace content with some life and soul poured into it, and hopefully learn from its own crazy designs.

I wish you all the best and your presence will be sorely missed. Thanks for providing a Herkie-brand of Freespace fun.

Thanks Spart_n. I acknowledged those flaws. I am actually fixing them.

The whole AFR campaign is a "power trip." I created that mod before I discovered HLP. With CT27's push, I made the Reboot. I don't know what motivated me to make a "power trip" of a campaign 12 years ago. I was criticized for breaking every rule of Freespace Modding, even made my own GTVA logo and the entire FS2 user interface.  If I had known HLP back then, I would have done differently with AFR. But... I love the chaos, explosions, the BOEs, blasting things for fun, and went over the top with it... So AFR is totally different. A whole other universe.

I am glad that you consider this a classic.


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