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Babylon 5 - Complete Series on Blu-Ray, Announced

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Trivial Psychic:
If you're not yet aware, the entire complete B5 series, including "The Gathering", will be released on Blu-Ray on December 5th, 2023.  In fact, even though you can only pre-order it at this point, it's already a best seller on Amazon.

So have all the CGI scenes been recalculated or just upscaled?

Trivial Psychic:
Not sure if they've done any more work than what was done for the streaming HD upgrade.

I only have the DVDs, what was done for the streaming HD upgrade?

Trivial Psychic:
Original live shots were done in 35mm, and so could be scanned as 4K.  Unfortunately, the CGI shots only exist in the 480i that was available when the episodes were rendered.  The 4K live stuff is down-scaled to 1080p, and the CGI shots were upscaled and then got some touching up.  Better than the original, but hardly an overhaul like ST:TNG, where they had 35mm of the exterior shots too, then did new SFX over-top.


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