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Mod description:   The civil war between the GTVA and the United Earth Federation has ground on for two years. The GTVA is slowly, surely gaining the upper hand. As veteran GTVA pilot Lieutenant Commander Ned Mozingo of the 52nd Nomads, you and your squadmates will see the war through to its conclusion. The UEF, fighting for its very survival, will use every trick at its disposal to hang on. You, as a GTVA pilot, will have to find ways to get through it and survive to see Humanity unified once again under one banner.

Part of the Blue Planet continuity, taking place after War in Heaven 2.

Author: Jake "qweqwe321" Berman


Logan Hurd, as Lt. Cdr. Ned Mozingo (
Christine Jennora Duncan, as Cdr. Hannah Tompkins (
Madeline Marie, as Ensign Lara Silverman (
Justin Allen Kirck, as Lt. John O'Connor (
Lara Palanjian, as Lt. Alice Grinberg
Jake Berman, as Capt. Bryn O'Keefe (

Also starring, in order of appearance:

Halina Decker, as Ens. Gunawardana
Shawn Cadieux, as Cmdr. Bagchi (
Ryan Trenkamp, as Ens. Rosales
Juli P, as Captain Kupisk
Karlee Finch, as Rajput captain
Lafiel, as Firefly comms officer
Erica Mays, as White Guard Gemma Arquette
Lawbrosteve, as Reunion comms officer
Joe Russo, as Major Ian Kemp
Ting Ting Lee, as Boxer captain
Alex Gallyn, as Charles de Gaulle captain and Captain Asakawa
Gabriella Ripoll, as Cowley Station comms officer
Jon Ossip, as Utopia Station comms officer
Maiaxgaia, as Lone Wolf captain and Maitreya comms officer
Mito, as Malta comms officer
Matias "Sparda" Margulies, as Phoenicia Kappa 1
Perhelion, as Utopia Epsilon 1 and Garuda comms officer
Fusion, as Vengeance control and Seneca comms officer
Renegade Paladin, as Atreus Sigma 1 and Commodore Hadi
CRZgatecrusher, as Atreus Sigma 2
Cyralist, as Admiral Steele
Tyler Webb, as Churchill comms officer
Matthew Khouzam, as Shiraz captain and Omega 1

Missions: 13


- Fight through the Solar System to reunify Humanity under the banner of the GTVA.
- 13-mission campaign fought across the planets of the Sol system, from Mercury to Neptune
- Character-based campaign centered on a single squadron of fighters

Release notes:

3.0 final: bug fixes. Good to go.
3.0.0-beta: Beta version of the 3.0 release, with all new SOC loop and a lot of quality of life improvements.  Oh, and now there are medals!

2.0.0: Director's cut.
- Multitude of bug fixes.
- Brand-new bad ending to Mission 9. (I won't spoil it.)
- Brand-new opening cutscene.

1.0.0: Production release.
- Full voice acting.
- Fixed UEF Izrail model.
- New head anis specific to the main characters of the plot.
- A lot of bug fixes.
- New techroom animations for the Balor and Balrog cannons.
- Mission 4 is now a scramble.

0.9.3: Open beta.
- New music.
- New mainhall.
- New intelligence entries and CBAnims.
- Partial voice acting. Full voice acting will come in 1.0 release.
- Bug fixes.
- Difficulty tuning.
- Fixed M9 to provide for a "bad" ending.

0.1.6: Bug fix release.
- Tuned the difficulty in M1 (Behold a White Horse)
- TAG scripts in M6 (Red Mars) are fixed and they should work now.
- Ulysses no longer available in Red Mars; Rhea made available from M5 onward.

0.1: It's mission-complete, but not voice-acted.  If there are bugs or suggestions please ping me, or shoot me an email at [email protected].  I'm also on the Discord.  Voice acting will come in the next major release.

FSO Version: 23.0.0 and higher.

Download link:

Thanks to the_e, darius, durandal, goober5000, naomimyselfandi, asteroth and mjnmixael for the help, and to the BP team for creating such a great mod.

Awesome! I will be giving it a try on Sunday or tomorrow if I just get sick of work!

Congratulations on the release! It's always heartwarming to see fans embrace the world and create their own stories in them. Plan to try it out when I get some time.

Oooooh!  Something shiny!!

Incidentally, does this have anything to do with اَلشَّاهِين?


--- Quote from: perihelion on September 07, 2023, 06:42:33 pm ---Oooooh!  Something shiny!!

Incidentally, does this have anything to do with اَلشَّاهِين?

--- End quote ---

No.  That's really cool, but I didn't make it.


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