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Re: BHX Babylonian History X - WIP
The files aren't the problem. BHX was IP Andrews work and was never completed or released. Unless he's willing to work on it or personally endorse someone else working on it, it's dead.
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Re: BHX Babylonian History X - WIP
IPAndrews hasn't been around since Nov 2016, not impossible but unlikely that he's still around.


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Re: BHX Babylonian History X - WIP
I gotta thing for dynamic campaigns...

Right now is acutally the time befor the best time to do another effort like this...

The community has made leaps and bounds in dynamic mission design (and one day I am going to see it all /hope) since when this was new. But right now the system how variables work in the engine is being worked on (last update March)...

Of course, you would need a mission designer who is a "pure technician" (i.e. does mission to make and test cool mechanics)... and I don't know who would do that...
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