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Awakening of the beast demo glitch.
Hi there everyone!

I have recently started with TBP and loving it so far. I have tried playing the 'awakening of the beast demo' and have run into a problem. After the multi-part mission where you defend the omega from rogue starfuries (friendlies in the sights?) I get a static screen that appears to be a star filed with nebulae. I can still hear my ship's sounds if I fire weapons, use afterburners etc. After a while I then get the mission failed screen.

I'm guessing this is a bug. Any ideas what I should do? Cheers.


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Re: Awakening of the beast demo glitch.
Which versions of TBP do you have? Are you using Zathras? I'm currently away from my main machine so I can't check things myself but that should help narrow things down.
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Re: Awakening of the beast demo glitch.
Hi there! No 100% sure. The launcher says 5.5b, and I tried the demo with both Zatharas and HTL and go the same problem. I keep getting odd error messeges when I fire up the launcher, but so far everything else works fine, so I'm not sure what they relate to.

Re: Awakening of the beast demo glitch.
I just realised I had two versions of zathras. I'll try the newer 2.8 version and see if I have any more luck with that.


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Re: Awakening of the beast demo glitch.
*lurks in the corner, hoping he doesn't have to fix something about a nearly 10 year-old mission*
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Re: Awakening of the beast demo glitch.
Tried with Zathras 2.8, and same problem. Is there a direct download link for the demo, perhaps my install was corrupted somehow?


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Re: Awakening of the beast demo glitch.
You could try the fixes outlined in this thread:
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Re: Awakening of the beast demo glitch.
Thank you :-)