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Hi there everyone!

I am new to TBP and I am wondering what the latest versions of the launcher, media vps, addon packs, zathras, mission packs etc. are, and what order they need to installed in. Is there an all-in-one download available that packages all these together?

Many thanks in advance :-)


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A new all-in-one 3.5 version of TBP is in the works, but it may take a lot of time yet (karajorma, any news on a release date?). Until then you could download my Babylon 5 Star Fury Pilot Unofficial Patch, linked below. It includes all the latest programs you need besides the main TBP 3.4b and Zathras 2.8 which you can get from here or the ModDB too. Oh, and it includes a lot of cool missions created after actual episodes of the show!


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Cheers guys!