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Derek Smart wants to Develop FS3

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Am I right to be VERY scared by this news? I've heard some very bad reviews for Battlecruiser Millenium (I have heard from a couple of people who like it though);f=3;t=005485

Can this guy really do better than the awesome work our boys have managed to do to update freespace using the source code

I mean. Look at this. I don't see any indications that he could beat it.

EDIT : Keep it civil BTW guys. It's only a matter of time before he gets pointed in this direction.

@&*(^$@#&*^&*())(&@#$*()@#^$)*(@&#^)(*%&(@&%)(@#%)@#^%)*(@&#$@#&()*%^)#*(%^)*(@ & aI@U&%*()@#&%() on the back of a #$()&*!?!?

What just happened?
I don't believe it...
No, can't be, please tell me it's not tru!?!?

*passes out*

Run a ****ing mile.

:wtf: :wtf:

Keep that bad man away from my baby.

I wasn't particularly impressed with anything I saw from the various space combat games he's built.  I don't condem the man for trying but I haven't been impressed and it would take alot for me to be impressed with a FreeSpace 3.  Especially if he goes that "jack of all trades" sorts of crazyness.

A true FreeSpace 3 would have top notch graphics, solid gameplay drawing on the originals and adding new features, strengthened physics (in a gameplay sort of way, not necessarily to bring full newtonian physics), and much improved AI.  You need a full team, a proper development cycle and lots of polish.  I haven't yet seen that.

But hey, they can clone sheep....maybe a good FS3 could come of it....who's to say.


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