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I'm not quite sure how this idea came into my head. Probably something to do with that Ken Jennings guy in the news. Anyhow, after 2 nights of work, I give you FreeSpace: Jeopardy! I really hope that Raa and Carl don't mind me using their names, but I couldn't think of any better names for a Vasudan or a Shivan... If you guys don't like me using the names, I can quickly change it if you like.

I would also like to point out that none of this was photoshopped... rather I used Corel Photo-Paint. The pictures aren't all that great, but it is very hard to find decent pictures for Jeopardy, so just ignore any very sudden changes.



Alex: Thank you for joining us in this special game of FreeSpace: Jeopardy. I'm Alex Trebek's 17th clone. Let's take a look at our players.

Alex: In the first round our Vasudan friend, Raa took a demanding lead by cleaning up in the "Obscure Vasudan Holiday" category. In second place is Adam, who was in first place near the end, but lost most of his money in a Daily Double.

Adam: Hey, that Daily Double was so unfair! I mean, "This failed Terran Operation took place right before the Great War."

Raa: Agreed, there were too many.

Adam: Exactly...HEY!

Alex: Moving right along, in last place is Carl... but he did start to bounce back after the "Things That Go Bump in the Night" category. So let's start Double Jeopardy. Here are our categories.

Alex: Adam we'll start with you.

Adam: Planets and Systems for $400.

Adam: What is the Colossus!

Alex: No... Carl!


Raa: The Glass Orb?! And just what is that supposed to mean?

Alex: Uh, Adam, pick again.

Adam: Uh... Games You Suck At for $400...

Adam: What is the Colossus!

Alex: No, I'm afraid not... Raa?

Raa: What is FreeSpace: The Terran blunder that unleashed the Shivans the second time that got us almost killed?

Alex: Why not.

Raa: I'll go for name that fish!

Alex: Which one?

Raa: All of them. I'm sooo hungry.

Alex: Uh, Carl, why don't you choose.


Alex: Exploits of Alpha One for $2000.

Alex: Here's a hint, it's not the Colossus.

Adam: What... isn't the Colossus?

Alex: Uh, close enough. How about I choose this time? Alright, ships that block out the sun for $2000!

Alex: Any one? The "colossal" flagship... "colossal." Anyone? Anyone at all? Adam?

Adam: Um... what is... the...

Alex: Yes?

Adam: ...the... ...the... Ooh ooh! I got it!

Alex: Yes?

Adam: What is the Sathanas!

Alex: ...


Alex: The correct answer was... what is the Colossus...

Adam: Oh, can I change my answer?

Alex: Right, why don't we jump into Final Jeopardy now?

Cont. on next post

Alex:The category...

Alex: Again with Alpha One. Alright. Here's the answer.

Alex: Start.

*Jeopardy Theme*

Alex: Alright, Carl, what did you put down?

Alex: Uh, I'm not sure we can accept that, how much did you wager? -$1,000,000? Can you do that?


Alex: Alright alright. Just put down the beam cannon... Now, what did Adam put down?

Alex: No, it wasn't Colossus wing. And how much did he put down... $82.17.

Adam: It's my grocery bill.

Alex: Moving onto Raa.

Alex: I'm sorry, but you must put your response as a question... But it wasn't right anyway. The correct answer was "Alpha". And you wagered... a head...

Raa: I'm starving!

Alex: So, by looking at the fierce competition today, the winner is... uh... Adam.

Adam: Really?! So I get the money?

Alex: Yeah, sure. Join me next week as we do DOOM3 Jeopardy.

Alex: I'm Alex Trebek's 17th clone, saying good night. Now a word from our sponser.


You know you want to.


--- Quote ---Originally posted by Axem

BOSCH BEER![/size]

You know you want to.
--- End quote ---



Subtle messages on that beer bottle.

ps. I wuv Carl, he's such a cute little fellow.


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