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Leaked List of Xbox 360 Games Currently In Development

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If Halo 3 wasn't gauranteed already...

But that actually looks to be a pretty damn good lineup. :yes:

I especially find it interesting that Spore is there... How will the controls work?

EDIT: Okay, I fixed the link so the image should be right now. No FS3... And you better keep your hands off this post Goob... :p

Can you stop me? :p

Original is on the left; Photoshopped is on the right.

4/20/2006 - Moved my Photoshopped version to the new HLP server.  The original version had been removed at some point before the Photoshopped version was sent to XBox 360 Magazine.

I find it surprising that they are having another Turok title.

I find it funny that this counts as a 'leak'... :p
It looks like a magazine page... ;)


Woot! A sonic game!!! :D:D:D


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