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Check out the torpedos on her, fellas!

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Flight Mechanic Cindy McLaren, of the GTD Galaway,  poses for an "inspirational morale-boosting" photo for the fighting men of the HLP.

So ever since I made this  and apparently permanently damaged some HLPers, I figured I'd better make up for it and do an actual pin-up for the boards instead of just a joke one.

So then I went out and did a bunch of drinking, and promptly forgot about the entire thing. But then I remembered again, and am now recalling why I don't tell anecdotes anymore, because I get distracted on tangents. 

So, uh... anyway. There you go - enjoy!

1600 version  (no text)
Freaking Large version (4400)
(temp. down)

Freaking Large version (4400)

Looks a lot better, but....

No, no, great work. :) :yes:

Unknown Target:
Some glaring anatomical issues, especially on the lower torso, but not bad, melikes :D I love that Ursa in the background, and the lighting of the entire scene :)


Gai Daigoji:
:lol: Lol, nice work!


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