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Auto Shield Focus

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Made this because Fury's AI gives the computer some advantages that I'd like to have too =)

0 - toggles the entire thing
q - unfocuses all quadrants
arrow keys - toggle which quadrant to focus

[edit]Made it use q now.[/edit]
[edit2]Updated with The_E's graphic[/edit2]
[edit3]Fixed some bugs that popped up when making it disappear with the HUD[/edit3]

Huh? What's it do?

Automatically focuses selected shield quadrants (you can toggle each quadrant individually).  For example, if you set it to focus the forward shield, then as you take hits from the front, that shield remains at full power as long as there's energy to draw from the other three quadrants.  If all quadrants are turned off or on, then it'll simply auto-equalize.

Not the worst idea, perdy cool actually

Download is down, plz re-up.  :)


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