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Toggleable 'Mouse as a Joystick' Script: Community Edition (v1.3)

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Release of Toggleable 'Mouse as a Joystick' Script: Community Edition
Custom script file for FSO that lets the player to toggle the mouse to act as a joystick in flight (Freelancer Style).

TLDR: Release of stable community mouse script.

This script has been a community iterated project. The core ideas and movement methodology of the script first appeared on the wiki ( Then Sushi updated the script to use a single, hard-coded control ( I then updated the script to run on recent builds, use fewer global variables, use a bindable control key, account for some more edge cases, and fix multiple bugs.

This script can be toggled on-the-fly during a mission by pressing the key 'Toggle High HUD Contrast'. Alternatively, the player can also go to the controls configure menu and click the new check box that appears near the bottom of the screen. The Y-axis of the mouse can be set to be inverted or not in the control menu screen, too. The script takes into account your mouse sensitivity and draws a mouse cursor showing the magnitude and direction of mouse flight on the screen. I've set 'Toggle High HUD Contrast' key to my right mouse button, so I can toggle and fly with both modes of the mouse very quickly and seamlessly. It also is compatible with multiplayer!

Download this files from and then place them in your data/tables folder. Then run the game! (For folks who have not downloaded from GitHub before: Right Click on the 'Raw' Button on that Git page, then click 'Save Link As'.)

Finally, I would be happy to answer any questions. Thank you again for Sushi and all the other folks who iterated on this script before myself.

This is great, thank you!

Updated with new reworked version, improves QoL and adds new options.

First, many edge case bug fixes for when the mouse should recenter have been fixed.

Second, the gauge the script draws will now match the color of your center reticle, allowing users to change the color options on the fly. The gauge will also fade when the mouse is in the dead zone, and if the mouse is beyond the bounds, it will show a faint circle.

Third, the feel of script has been updated to use a circle instead of a square, thus there is no longer the feeling of getting stuck in the corners.

Fourth, the script has been tested heavily in multiplayer and works as expected. The toggle for using the mouse as a joystick is the HUD Contrast key, but modders may specify a different key in the file if they would prefer.

Thank you to the user Acid for heavily testing.

This mouse script is awesome. Thanks for updating and keeping this alive wookieejedi. I think I asked this one before, but there are some things that I noticed while using this script in a plain FS2 with only Media VPs installed.

Specifically, the throttle appears to get stuck or create duplicates markers on the gauge while trying to change speed. For example, when changing from 0 to 1/3 (or any other combination), sometimes I have to press the 1/3 throttle key 2 or 3 times before it finally picks up and changes speed. A marker for 0 and 1/3 appear on the gauge as well. When going from 1/3 to 2/3, I get the same results (most of the time). I see speed markers on both the 1/3 and 2/3 gauges but the actual speed is stuck at 1/3 still. Again, I have to press the new throttle key 2 or 3 times before the speed changes and only 1 speed appears on the gauge.

I tried screen shotting the anomaly from my computer but one of the ticks on the gauge will come through. I imagine some script is alternating the gauge speed marker between the last option and the current option selected on the throttle.

Again, I am not using any other scripts. I am only using FS2 and the latest Media vps. Is there a setting with the existing fs options that may fix this issue? Thanks!

Found the issue, it's actually an FSO-engine side bug. I've made a fix that will be live in tomorrow's nightly and the RC 6. This fix will also be in the next stable release. In any case, I'll update the script tomorrow once the new FSO builds are posted. 


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