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TactiComms - slow motion for the communications menu

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Cool to see the final result of this. :)  I like the synergy where four people all pitched in in different ways to make this useful little feature come together.

Iain Baker:
Absolutely bloody marvellous 🤩

This is exactly what was needed. Including a simple drop-in file is also a god-send for less technically savvy peeps like me.

If someone wants an in-universe excuse - implants/inlays or saccadal interface that allows for super-rapid comms - experienced by the user as subjective time slowing down (same excuse I use for pause-ordering in Homeworld 😅)

Iain Baker:
Hi there, quick question. Which value do we need to change to alter the time slow down effect?  Is it :in_time 0.05?

If so, how should this value be configured to increase or decrease the degree that time is slowed down?



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