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Re: Well, here is my voice.

Welcome to HLP! Exits are located in many many areas, but as all of them are blocked... good luck using 'em. Emergency flamethrowers filled with holy water (don't ask) are underneath every seat, and more powerful shotguns and plasma rifles are in the secure lockers. Only the admins, :v:, or a hyperintelligent shade of blue may open them however. Should you go crawling around in the vents for some reason, be sure to take a lunch with you. Why? Carl, our resident Shivan, lives in there, and loves lunch. If you give him yours, he might just let you live... maybe.

Thank you and enjoy you stay! :yes:

Welcome speech aside, I think those files are pretty good.  :yes:
I'm sure someone will find a use for them.
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Re: Well, here is my voice.
Very nicely done.  I really like the range you have going on there.  :)

P.S. As a side note, in case anyone was wondering, no, I haven't left this forum to die. :p I still fully intend to create a sticky thread with info and voice samples from everyone who'd be willing to do voicework on a regular basis.  Now, if I could only find the free time...


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Re: Well, here is my voice.
or a helper?  :P


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Re: Well, here is my voice.

I could do with another voice actor.

Theta Freighter
PVFr Iskot
Taurus 1
GTC Salieri


Definitely. GTC Salieri looks fun. But the others are so short I can do them all and you can pick what you want. I have Goldwave, what file types do you want?


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Re: Well, here is my voice.
If you could do all of them, that would be fantastic.

OGG format, please.

Thanks!  :)