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Title: wtb 1 tilemapper pst
Post by: Droid803 on November 14, 2018, 02:37:06 am
I'm looking for experienced tilemapper for a (probably not so quick? idk anything about tilemapping process so it might not actually take that long?) tilemap job.
Tilemapping. Or at least a mix of tiles/UVs.
Because pure UVmapping won't work well on this thing, I am led to believe.
Yes its for DE2 but it's also a preeeettty unique/interesting could be useful for other projects too thing.

If you need more details I can provide.
Title: Re: wtb 1 tilemapper pst
Post by: Nyctaeus on November 14, 2018, 03:49:47 am
Experienced tilemapper... Sounds perfect for a guy who wasted large part of his life for doing stuff the most effortless, possible way. Reminds me someone. Meh, there was a guy. You know him too. Can't remember his nickname... Nevermind.

Anyway I commited every, possible mapping crime in the universe. Can't promise I will tile for you, because nobody should do tiles for nobody, but I can always take a look.
Title: Re: wtb 1 tilemapper pst
Post by: Rampage on November 17, 2018, 04:44:59 pm
1. Find all faces you want a particular tile mapped to.
2. Unfold highlighted faces in UV editor of choice, disregarding their actual UV coordinates.
3. Stretch faces to fit proportion of tile.
4. Repeat for other tiles until model is mapped.

This is how I tilemapped most of Inferno’s capital ships.  Looked acceptable for the 2008 era; looks pretty bad today but a lot of the EA capships are still mapped this way.