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Re: Blue Planet: The Battle Captains (Fan Campaign)
I have not tried messing with FSO version.

I actually do a bit of fredding on my own time so I might be able to help with some of the bug fixes, assuming for instance the 'remove the broken skip dialog options' is considered an acceptable solution.

Re: Blue Planet: The Battle Captains (Fan Campaign)
Potential game-breaking bug in the lopez mission discovered by Sparda on Discord:

Was playing The Battle Captains just now, and after the 2 Ravana's, kinda nothing happens...the vasudan destroyer never comes in, and the 2 sobeks kinda hover around doing I doing something wrong? Great mission btw, super fun!

In the part where the 2 ravana's jump in, I destroyed them both without losing any cruiser but the vasudan destroyer never jumps in

It seems I rushed to the 2 ravannas, head first, and destroyed the without the vasudan's help, and that was why I ended up stuck. The last one had never appeared until today (i also didn't get to see the 25 fighters and bombers)

Just putting this here as a note so it doesn't get lost or forgotten. If anyone wants to attempt to fix this, I'd be willing to playtest it and upload the fix. Otherwise I'll look at it eventually... probably...

Re: Blue Planet: The Battle Captains (Fan Campaign)
Same bug in my run, and a weird time compression bug one too where after the "coffee break" scene, the timer jumps forward by 40 minutes, and my whole fighter wing has been killed by collisions. :P