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well, o.k....  not sure why he would ont help unless there is some history.

converted with permission???  he is the only one left, so i think it would have to come from him?  dunno...

it is just he is working on the mod again and I doubt that he would have time for another project...

as for model conversion: models we are using are coming from Steele, who converted several very cool models to XWA format

i figured the idea would be to convince him to drop the XWA goal and join in the fs2 project - fs2 has a much greater possibility of surviving and expanding than XWA - plus you can not really do afterburners correctly in XWA...  many reasons....

so those Steele converted models TO XWA format?  from FS2???  confused, but whetever actually happened, I think drednott would probably at least be willing to have his models converted to fs2, if he has some you do not...  the big point i made is that i think he would be willing to do more.

Might I get internal acess?

you got it


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