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Woah ! hosting done

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hehe guys the wcsaga hosting is done tolwyn will upload the website as soon as hes online ;)

gevatter Lars:
Don't know why, but the links points to the FL Mod page! Something has gone quite wrong.

this is the test website... we would like to have a php script to post news... however, it is not installed on the server. As long as we are not sure whenever or not it is possible, I am not going to upload the website

Woolie Wool:
I hope you get a demo done soon. I'd like to roast some furballs in FS2 ships as well as WC ones.

How do the WC:BGS ships stack up to the FS2 ones?

I am not sure what you mean...

but I would say most of the ships are in the game now (and it is a huge number, I can assure you). Sadly, some of the textures have to be redone, which may delay the release, that was planned to be in the 4th quarter 2003.


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