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RELEASE: Dusk Wars Act II

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I am proud to announce that Dusk Wars Act II, after a year of hard work/procrastination (I will not lie, I have procrastinated) is ready for release, but before I go on, I must say that I have tried my best to ensure that credit is given where it is due (credits text document in Act II's folder) and I have ensured to the best of my ability that the mod has been bug tested as much as possible, but I cannot promise an entirely bug free experience, some bugs may have slipped under my nose. Beyond that, I am certain that you will enjoy Act II.

I am also happy to announce that Dusk Wars Act I has been renovated in the graphics department, gameplay will remain generally the same and I do not intend to change it.

Story Thus Far:

A few months have passed since the Bal'ran have retaken their core systems of Soci, New Soci, and Xhi-Ceti but your shore leave has come to an end. Their crusade must continue to reclaim their lost worlds, but darkness awaits our fellow Bal'ran, but not just from the outside but from within.

Act I
Download Link:

Act II

Download Link:

Do inform me if there are any more issues.

Installation Instructions:

*Extract Dusk Wars Act I to your Freespace 2 Directory
*Run the Launcher, go to the Mod tab
*Press "Select Mod" and select the "Dusk Wars" folder and press Ok
*Press apply at the bottom of the launcher and press ok (or press run if you wish to play the mod right now, man aren't you eager!)

Known Bugs:

There are two, so far, known bugs that aren't show stopping but may cause slight frustration. I have attempted to fix these issues with various events and/or balance changes but to no avail.

Spoiler:Mission 13: The Navitas' frontal turret sometimes gets destroyed at the start of the mission, resulting in the mission to be much harder then it needs to be.
Mission 18: The Eclaireur may sometimes get destroyed via unstoppable means but remains beatable (to my knowledge).

However if Mission 18 has been proven to be unbeatable after 3 tries, you have the ability to cheat to pass but please report it here so a balanced version is prepared.

If any more bugs appear or errors come up, please alert me in this forum or PM me and a fix will be made available.

Special Thanks To:

Triikor, for testing the campaign for me.
Darkmatter aka StargateSpankyHam (If I got that right...), for providing new Vasudan textures for the Andvari


Please see credits.txt in the DWA2 folder.

Changes from DWA1 Initial:

New race added - the Andvari
New fighter added - Serio (Originally for a stealth mission but was ultimately cut, you should have the ability to fly this in the late campaign however)
New Weapon Effects
Updated message.tbl to work with current release build

Requirements to run:

Mediavps 3.6.12 (Sorry, no 2014 for this guy)
Freespace 2 Open 3.7.2 RC 3 Build (Not tested with nightly builds)
Launcher 5.5g or later

It is recommended to create your own pilot for Dusk Wars Act 1 or 2.

Dusk Wars have been created under Fair Use. This is a non-profit development, people are free to modify the modification to whatever they see fit for as long as it is for non-profit use and credit is properly given.

With the release of Dusk Wars Act II, two new projects will soon surface on Hard-Light Productions based upon the Dusk Wars plotline, as we continue to follow the galaxy's path to destruction! One of them, was already announced some time ago; Dusk Wars: Andvari Confict!

Thank you all and I do hope you enjoy Dusk Wars Act II!

Congrats :). Downloading!

EDIT: After 5 missions I can only say I like it so far. With pretty old-school mission design, I enjoy slaughtering the enemies with heavy fighter armed with two Kratos cannons. Also I love Bal'Ran arsenal and beam sounds.

The only thing I can complain on is music choice. There is way too much BP music in Dusk Wars. I have this strange feeling every time when I hear WoA that tells me "Wait, what? I smashed Carthage listening last week!". Some of the music you used is way too related to WiH. Also some music just does not fit to missions, like in the one with Bal'Ran supply depot and disabled Iraklion-class cruiser. Second Reality plays here and brings grim feel about unavoidable defeat, while there are only few wings of shivan fighters.

Technicaly I found no significant bugs. Everything runs smooth and correctly. I will provide some more feedback when I finish the campaign.


--- Quote --- Second Reality plays here and brings grim feel about unavoidable defeat, while there are only few wings of shivan fighters.
--- End quote ---

All in a learning experience, wasn't exactly an atmosphere I was trying to go for :) attempt to create a unique race using a Shivan backbone has clearly failed...will need to make them more unique in future releases :D

Highlighted, because I can!


--- Quote from: Mongoose on August 08, 2014, 03:21:06 pm ---Highlighted, because I can!

--- End quote ---

Quoting you because I can!

Hope you enjoy Dusk Wars and thank you :).


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