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Mouse misalignment and small screen size in media vp

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When i tried to use the latest version of media vp the mouse was misaligned such that it had to be far away from what i was attempting to interact with and once i got past the pilot selection screen the game screen only occupied a tiny portion of my monitor. When i verified file integrity it found a faulty file and re downloaded it but this had no impact whatsoever and I've repeated this process several times and each time it is the same file which is broken. I thought these errors may be due to the fact that i tried fso installer first (i'm now using knossos) and messed around with the files in that in order to get it to work but even deleting all the files associated with that and reinstalling the whole game had no effect. I was wondering where i should go from here, any help would be much appreciated

Sounds like there is a `-res` flag set. Can you post your command flag line? In Knossos click on the expansion arrow on the Media VPS and then click FSO Settings then copy the Custom Flags line.

-ambient_factor 55 -spec_point 1.7 -spec_static 2.6 -spec_tube 1.15 -bloom_intensity 35

Hmm... which nightly are you using? Also do you know how to post a debug log?

Would you mind telling me what a nightly is?  I've just stated using knossos and therefore don't know how to submit a debug log


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