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RELEASE: Warmachine(Looking for testers for next version)

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Real quick folks, there are many shiny things to share but right now I have too much of a headache(unrelated to modding) to pick any. Suffice to say Talhydras and Kestrellius have made many pretty things.

That aside, my check list to getting a test version out is very short, and I want to get at least *some* testing in on the RC4 that should be coming out this weekend before it's finalized, so, going to try very hard to make that happen. I've made a test application sheet of sorts, very few questions, it just makes sure I don't lose anything. I'm pretty sure some people offered last time I mentioned it who I can't find any notes about, so, hence the sheet.

Click here if you want to test, especially in the next week.

I'll try to post some shinies tomorrow or monday, too.

 :rolleyes: I should stop talking about things I intend to do, it rarely works out well.

So a general update, especially for folks not on discord. The attempted sprint to the finish ended up kind of burning me out on fred and a few other tasks, and I still haven't quite managed to pour myself back into it fully. I've not been disengaged from Freespace, nor fully from warmachine, just from the stuff that really needs it before we release.

A release to match 22.0 is the goal now, though it remains to be seen how practical that will be. If you're interested in testing it when it's ready for another round the link above is still a good one.

Iain Baker:
I'll be free for playtesting from about the middle of next week once I'm done playtesting Reunion Act 2 :-)

Still looking forward to it!

Universal Truth was playing too slow again so I attacked FSO performance again.
I optimized the game so hard that I got invited to the SCP, and broke UT. Random freezes make it completely unplayable now.
I know what day it is. These are not jokes.
I'm working on ways to fix it. Ways besides reducing the pew pew.
More when I next remember to post.


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