Author Topic: How did you find HLP?  (Read 2625 times)

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Re: How did you find HLP?
Did you squadwar *squinty*

No, never played the multiplayer component of Freespace 2.


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Re: How did you find HLP?
No worries.  I remember a falcon from one of the big squads, obviously someone different.



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Re: How did you find HLP?
Googling for FS2 websites lead me to the VBB in 2001, where people were posting links to various mods. I remember finding Inferno and TBP that way (which I think were hosted on 3dap/HLP back then?)
At that time I was active in the XW:Alliance Upgrade community... but after playing TBP R1 I was blown away by the possibilities and flexibility that the FS2 engine offered over XWA, and started to poke around in POF files.
I registered here in 2003 (probably to ask something in the TBP forums).
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Re: How did you find HLP?
Googling for FreeSpace mods. Found the Hades Combine site first, then this one.

Then I got bullied here for a while because nobody likes hyperactive 14-year-olds and... I'm still not a productive member of the community. :D
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Re: How did you find HLP?
I was on the VBB and doing SquadWar. I finally came over here because it was another place to talk about things that wasn't run by THQ at the time? I don't remember if THQ had taken over by that time.

I also have the honor of being the last poster on the VBB before it was shut down. Also my 20 year anniversary is coming up in a few months.