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Manually moving mission events safely


This has been on my mind since I started FREDding at all, but didn't post about it until now. Encouraged by Droid's "modding sucks - a realizatiƶn" thread, here is a pet peeve of mine that's been present since retail FRED.

Is it possible to making manually moving mission events up and down safe? If you use the click-and-drag to move a mission event up and down, is-event-trues/falses and some arrival/departure cues get confused. Sometimes you only have to remove two parentheses, but more often than not is-event-true "Event 1" becomes is-event-true "Event 82" for no reason and you won't notice it unless you start seeing some weird mission behavior and track down these oddities to a is-event-true that suddenly started to reference a completely unrelated event.

There's a problem with fixing this. Currently, FRED stores the events list by storing the positions of the events in the list. So obviously when event 5 becomes event 1, some of the list gets messed up. Switching to having FRED look up the name of the event might be trivial but you'd simply cause the exact same problem for anyone who has a mission with 10 events all called "Event Name"

But yeah, it's probably something that should be fixed.

I suspected there was something like that. Too bad. It's Notepad++ then.

That doesn't mean it can't be fixed. If you have all your events called Event Name, you were kinda asking for trouble anyway.

It's just a matter of finding the intersection of time, motivation, and know-how.  This bug probably doesn't require any knowledge of MFC, even though it might at first appear that way.

Every now and then these sorts of bugs do get fixed.  For example...


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